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Location:7–9 Close Street, Canterbury NSW 2193




Tel: (+61 2) 8964 6135

Activities:Acrobatics, balance, aerials, tightwire, juggling
Number of people:5 to 30
Price range:Typically $75 per person for a two hour team building session
Duration:2 hours
Weather effected:No
Goals Outcomes:Just for fun, Experiential, Cooperative activity, Group activity, Individual competition, Skills development, Collaborative
Transport:Close to public transport, plenty of parking
Onsite Dining:No
Catering Available:No
Alcohol:On request
Disabled Appropriate:No
Disabled Access:No
Opening hours:

Flexible. Typically, 9am to 5pm.

Juggling, balancing tasks, managing risk, and placing trust in colleagues are all skills that are needed daily. An Aerialize Direct Balancing experience will introduce them to your team in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Participants will:

• Work in a creative environment that fosters skill-sharing and a sense of play

• Develop a strong sense of trust

• Build confidence through physical awareness and group co-operation

• Challenge themselves to break down inhibitions

• Be solutions focused

• Confront personal fears

• Be progressive in a group environment

They'll do Acrobalance and Acrobatics, Aerials, Tightwire, Juggling and Manipulation, Performance Making and Presentation. Participants will develop a strong sense of trust with one another. They'll learn how to negotiate space and energy in an unfamiliar situation Although a great challenge, Circus Arts is a non-confronting experience. And it's great fun! Instructors will work with each person to bring out their best as an individual and as a group member.




"How awesome is Aerialize! A huge thank you to the Aerialize Team. You made us believe we could contort our bodies with ease (you guys made it look so simple!), highlighted the importance of the corporate hat (I bags the bunny ears next time!), proved it didn’t matter how many balls were in the air  and, of course, gave us a new marketing technique – “Zoom zoom screech zap”. Truly inspirational!  We loved every minute of it".

Cheryl Baker, The Donington Group, Career transition and outplacements specialists



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