Femininity. What is it exactly? And why have we lost sight of such a unique gift that we as women hold, and underestimate its power in our lives.

Decoding dress code tips, by resident fashion expert Joanne Guidace.

"I Love EAs Award" is Executive Decisions chance to give something back to the most important people in the office, the unsung heros, the organised angles and EAs and PAs. Register your favourite EA and PA today.

Exercise is work, hard work, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun... right?! By Luke Istomin. 

Twilight at Taronga Zoo Summer Concert Series 2014 is guaranteed to give you and your friends "A Wild Night Out". Running every weekend from from 1st February to 29th March.

The Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney unveils the stunning refurbishment of one of Sydney's grandest ballrooms, and Executive Decisions was lucky enough to see their creation!

Walsh Bay still remains a mystery for many Sydneysiders, largely due to its proximity to the more well know sibling ‘The Rocks’ on the other side of the Harbour Bridge. Executive Decisions went exploring through this blossoming arts and cultural, dining and bar precinct with an expert guide from Walsh Bay Arts and Commerce

ed. reviews the Exchange Hotel in the trendy suburb of Balmain, in Sydney's Inner West. Located just out of Sydney's CBD, across the Anzac Bridge, it is a wonderful escape from the city bustle. 

Office* Show is just around the corner, and undoubtedly that means that there are many people behind the scenes putting the finishing touches to their stall design for this exciting new show for Sydney’s EAs and PAs.

It's now officially that time - time to panic! Eleven weeks to Christmas and you still have to book an end of year party for the office. Relax there is still time to pull off the impossible, a great party for everyone, and one that won't take you hours and hours to pull together. Here are some different ideas for your company, and each has dedicated event organisers to assist with your event specifics.



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