Now that we are officially in the middle of the cold winter, it's safe to assume that this is where the silliness for all things health and body related

Could this be the future of men's fashion shopping. We talk to the founders of KENT & LIME to learn more about the website and their unique "Style Advisors".

The Hunter Valley will always be on the top of my list for a great weekend away, the romance of the countryside, award-winning restaurants and a good drop readily available at dozens of cellar doors puts a tick in every box.

There are three crucial elements I would like to focus on when selecting clothing and investment pieces. They are vital in ensuring you get the most value for your money and fine-tune your eye to know exactly what you are looking for.

After years of hearing the latest phases and trends of health and fitness, one thing hasn’t changed – the need to feed ourselves the right foods to put us in the right moods.

The neighbouring Sydney suburbs of Balmain and Rozelle offer the perfect blend of cosmopolitan village life with tree-lined streets, stunning redeveloped terraces, excellent harbour views, boutique shopping and a superb culinary culture.

Japanese cuisine still remains a mystery for many of us. However the unique delicacies of Japan are well worth discovering. Be intrigued by the fire of the Teppan grill, the raw fish in sushi, the sharp knives of the chefs and the warm greetings as you walk in the door.

Breathing is such an under-rated skill in the West. Our obsession is all about the heart, and exercising to get it to beat fast in the bizarre hope that is all we will need to do to stay healthy.

Executive Decisions magazine is launched in Sydney with its first volume ed Dining & Private Dining. The magazine is 76 pages of Sydney’s best dining and private dining options for all client and business needs.

As part of the launch ed., GUCCI and Asimi Jewellery gave away a GUCCI Brit Jewellery set. Congratulations to Anne Brown from Ernst and Young. Click here to see Anne receive her prize.

November 2012: ed. announces the launch of the I love EAs Award

Workplaces say it’s the EAs and PAs, administrative assistants, secretaries and receptionists that are some of the hardest working and most can’t-work-without people in the office, the ones spreading smiles, keeping everything organised and everyone on time. But all too often they go unrecognised.

ed. magazine is starting the monthly I love EAs Award for all those tirelessly hard working support staff.

The first month will be November 2012 and then every month after that ed. will announce a winner from those that have been nominated by their colleagues, clients and bosses.

Click here to see the “I love EAs Award” page and to nominate someone you think is very deserving.



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