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It cannot be stressed enough how important a great, happy team is to the success of a business. Team building activities can be an excellent way to bring the team together by building a sense of trust and unity, improving communication amongst its members, enhancing job satisfaction by making staff feel valued, and therefore increasing overall performance.

In fact, studies have found that team building can have measurable, positive effects on team performance, and after all, a connected team is a motivated team, and happy staff are productive staff.

The purpose of team building is to bring the team closer together through an event that is fun and motivational, and when you arrange something that everyone enjoys and works well with, you’ll come out with a real sense of achievement.

However, poorly thought out, cliché and mundane activities will often have the adverse effect and if you feel you’ve done the old catch a trusting colleague as they fall game one too many times, or anything else as equally awkward, its time to shake up your team building.

Successful team building and personal development should be built around taking people out of their comfort zone, and Red Baron Adventures are all about getting you out of the comfort zone by flipping your world upside-down – quite literally, in fact.

While they’re renowned as Sydney’s premier flying school and aerobatic specialists, offering thrilling flights over the harbour and beyond, Red Baron Adventures’ Fear-Less Leadership Workshop is unlike any other, combating the one thing that holds us all back from performing to our full potential and reaching our absolute peak – fear.

“Whether its related to our personal relationships, finances, creativity, physical limits, or professional goals, we all experience fear from time to time, and the Fear-Less Workshop is specifically designed to combat and break through these limiting barriers through challenging the fear with experience,” Red Baron motivational speaker and pilot Amir Zoghi says.

More than just a motivational talk, the two-hour workshop recognises and explores each individual’s fear, or limiting barrier, and then designs a tailor-made, adrenalin-inducing aerobatic flight reflecting these personal challenges, for an exhilarating way to overcome the anxieties that hold us back in everyday life. Simply put, its experiential learning in its highest capacity.

The concept is, that by understanding what fear is and knowing how to harness the courage to push our limits and overcome it, we ultimately break down the barriers to unlock innovation, creativity, and great leadership.

“I believe life is experienced at its fullest when we are out of our comfort zone, and we show people life and the world upside-down – the experience is powerful and the impact in your team and business is immediate.”


Here are four more fun, adrenalin-packed team building experiences designed to get you out of your comfort zone and take your team bonding activities to the next level:



The exhilarating experience of indoor skydiving has become an adventure sport in itself and iFLY offers you the opportunity to master expert skydiving skills in their state-of-the-art vertical glass tube as a massive wind generator propels you into the air. Run by qualified, expert instructors, the environment is fully controlled and safe, while fun and relaxed at the same time. iFLY offers skydiving packages for small groups to fully customised packages, including rental of the entire facility which can cater for upwards of 300 people, as well as an onsite conference room with a range of catering options also available. The iFLY Corporate Private Group package gives you a total of 32 flights, your own dedicated instructor, private training room and flying session, suit rental, personalised flight certificate, photo and video footage of your experience and two hours’ conference room rental, while the Corporate Ultimate Group includes all of the above plus an additional 32 flights, an extra High FLY per person, and catered lunch.

Wild Ropes
Considered one of the ultimate Sydney must-do’s, Wild Ropes is an action-packed high ropes course set amongst the bushlands of Taronga Zoo. Enjoy breath-taking views of Sydney Harbour as you embark on the 90-minute obstacle course and conquer challenges such as tree climbing, bridges, tunnels, aerial rock climbing walls, a hover board, and flying through the air on flying foxes. Ideal for a variety of group sizes, there are four Wild Ropes courses in total – two low level courses, and two high level courses, with approximately 17 challenges per course. The Adventure Package includes one low level and one high level course, while the Ultimate Challenge includes all four courses, and you can also add a Zoo visit into the mix.

The Escape Hunt Experience
Offering unique adventures in a variety of themes, Escape Hunt Sydney locks players in a room where they have to work as team and rely on their problem solving skills to gather clues, crack codes and solve puzzles in order to escape before the time runs out. There are six rooms, each one with its own original and exciting story to explore, offering teams a fun and engaging experience as they work closely together to conquer the challenge. With the ability to accommodate up to 72 people, corporate packages are available in 1.5 to three hour packages, and can be fully customised to meet your team’s specific needs with catering also available.

If you’re feeling inspired but still stuck for ideas, look no further than RedBalloon. Whether you're after a small team building event, or a company-wide day out, RedBalloon’s corporate event experts can help plan the perfect event. From adrenalin fuelled V8 car races and sailing regattas, to experiencing the great outdoors and even getting out of the city, there are a number of unique experiences on offer that can be tailored specifically to your group’s needs and objectives.



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