It's time to switch off

Does the thought of Christmas send you into a panic? Most shops and businesses are closed; there’s nothing on television, and most of your friends are away on holidays. All you have to look forward to is spending time with your extended family, where your great uncle tells the same stories about the ‘good old days’ and your aunty dances on the kitchen table after too many spritzers; or perhaps you will be on your own…

Whatever your circumstances, I implore you to take the time to ‘unplug’ and reconnect.

As an EA, you are always looking after other people’s needs, and you’re always available in one form or another. Why don’t you use this Christmas break as an opportunity to take some time out for yourself? Go for a long walk in the sunshine, get your hair done, or go and see a movie. Just do something that you enjoy, without technology. Studies have shown that being constantly online can be harmful to your relationships, and it can even diminish your communication skills.

So, if you’re spending time with family or friends this Christmas, why don’t you turn off your phone and give them all of your attention. You might be surprised at how in-depth your conversations become. I always make a point of leaving my mobile phone behind when I’m catching up with someone. It’s rather empowering actually. It’s also amazing how much you can learn from someone when you’re focused entirely on what they’re saying, rather than being distracted by the ping of your phone alerting you that someone has uploaded a photo of their lunch.

Whatever you end up doing these holidays, please ensure you are being mindful whilst driving, and stay safe.

Debbie Newman
Business Support Manager



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