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Executive Decisions was created at the end of 2010. After months of planning with colleagues, conversations with industry groups, advice from EAs and PAs and discussions with many of our restaurant friends we released the first edition ed. Dining & Private dining in March 2012.

Since the release the feedback was overwhelming and we were humbled by the response from both readers and clients.

Not resting for a minute, ed. went straight back into production mode with the second title for Sydney ed. Teams, that was released in November 2012.

With the release of ed.Brisbane and ed.Melbourne in 2015, Executive Decisions is now inspiring and informing EAs and PAs throughout the east coast of Australia.

Executive Decisions is publishined by Morris Media Network, home to the world’s premier media brands. We’re driven to produce original, expert-driven content on topics about which we’re passionate: travel, outdoors, women’s lifestyle and local interest. You’ll find that award-winning content delivered across the globe in a powerful suite of print and digital brands.

Our history and heritage in publishing dates back to 1785, but our approach today is as fresh as ever as we deliver stand-out magazines, mobile apps, specialty websites, popular non-fiction books, trusted guidebooks and always-in-their-pocket travel maps.

Joanne Guidaci

Joanne Guidaci, owner of Oh So Stylish, has a natural intrinsic knowledge of style combined with training at both the Australian Institute of Styling and the Whitehouse School of Fashion. Her driving force is a passion to assist people in presenting themselves to the world in the best possible way they can.

Paul von Bergen

Paul von Bergen is director of Billabong Retreat Sydney, a retreat he and his wife designed and built themselves. Paul’s training follows the linage of Krishnamacharya, one of the finest yoga masters and Sanskrit scholars of this century. Paul believes in combining ancient wisdom with modern scientific thinking.

Sue France

Sue France is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, coach and trainer, and the author of two successful worldwide books The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook and The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook. Sue is also the UK Chairman for European Management Assistants, a secretarial networking organisation.



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